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 SAS has released New gorgeous gown with Fur collar in 13 colors ! called  Atteris.  This gorgeous gown included A fancy Flower shape hat. that sounds good, doesn’t that ?

Why don’t you check it out at Sascha’s Designstore?
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SAS  designer received Avi Choice Award 2011 ! designer sascha.frangilli  released this lovely gown with  exactly name **Avi Choice Awards 2011 Gown** for you !!

Congratulation sascha.frangilli!!
SAS entrance

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I figured it is was finally time to start my blog and what better way to begin but with daring design from the master of prim torture Yula Finesmith. She has outdone herself again with the Inspirational design Anigma. What would be a dainty and stylish little black flower dress is taken to a new level with the addition of hundreds of long thin sharp needles that flow out from the black satin petals of the dress, neckpiece and hat. Creating a unique and mesmerizing look that will have all eyes on you! I will say the extraordinary Kallisto Destiny that was kind enough to create this breathtaking photo for me had quite a fun challenge finding a pose that didn’t cause me too much pain!!

Jewelry Gown – Finesmith Anigma Inspiration

Makeup – Miamai Songe Hairbase Platinum (hairfair)

Hair – Miamai Style hairpiece Platinum

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