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Prism brand team is so pleased to introduce the first new dress in the Spring Collection for all of you who have had enough of winter! This classic little cocktail dress features a feather skirt plus two bodices  — strapless and spaghetti strap.

This breautifully  detailed top is finished on the jacket layer so it can be worn with your favorite jeans or skirt or layered over a tee.
 color choices: black, red, gold, blue, brown and grey.
And BEST OF ALL it is 25% OFF during the introductory week. Get it now and save!

Let’s get nice fancy dresses for part of your collection !

Main Store LM
Lets go!


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 SAS has released New gorgeous gown with Fur collar in 13 colors ! called  Atteris.  This gorgeous gown included A fancy Flower shape hat. that sounds good, doesn’t that ?

Why don’t you check it out at Sascha’s Designstore?
Click to go main store 

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This is teaser, Just let you peek what we will have in the shows!  AZOURY is one of famous brand by Mayhem Seetan such a talent designer.

She already makes Mesh clothes !!

This casual outfit will be in AZOURY Show ! you want to get it ? then Come ,enjoy Winter Fashion Show with us!!!

AZOURY – La Tenue Ixia

********Winter Fashion Week 2011
Presented By: Passion Fashion Agency, Elegancia, and KABUKI Boutique
December 9th, 2011 – December 14th, 2011

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Brighter Then The Sun


Yes  my second post already!! This next outfit made me smile when i saw it.. the colors are so bright and vivid.. it just kind of struck me as a happy outfit.. the kind of outfit you want to wear when you are so happy you can’t help but smile.. kind of how it feels as you fall in love.. when you can’t walk.. but you dance down the street. Also.. i have to say I am really LOVING the hair from Osmose *formally Plume*  The hair Julie Hastings wore to the BOSL Awards earlier this year.. Love the little highlight in front.. you pick the color..


Sascha Designs – Potpourri in Purple

Osmose – Allure in Soil

Boots – Bax Prestige – White Leather *Pink*

Skin – Glam Affair – Gio D 03

Nails – Candy Nail – Glitter Pink

Shape – Custom by Di Hoorenbeek

Jewelry – Donna Flora – Lara

Lashes – Miamai No Alpha 03

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Winter Fashion Week 2011

Presented By: Passion Fashion Agency, Elegancia, and KABUKI Boutique
December 9th, 2011 – December 14th, 2011

Join us this December as Elegancia Fashion Agency, Passion the Fashion Agency and KABUKI b o u t i q u e are combining forces and embarking on a first ever, three agency Winter Fashion Week of fashion shows and events, featuring the latest in winter fashion from the grids top designers.

The Weekend begins with a one of a kind Grand opening gala commencing Friday, the 9th of December at 12pm presented by KABUKI b o u t i q u e. The opening will be a mixed designer show comprised hand picked models and original custom outfits/designs that encapsulate the theme “Wicked Winter Wonderland”

After the opening the week gets going with all of the excitment starting with the cyber couture of [sYs]! This is one week of events you do not want to miss!!!

December 9
12:00pm SLT – Winter Fashion Week Opening Gala
2:00pm SLT – [sYs] Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – Egoisme Fashion Show

December 10
10:00am SLT – Aimesi Fashion Show
12:00pm SLT – Sartoria Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Nemesis Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – Gizza Fashion Show
6:00pm SLT – House of Rage Fashion Show

December 11
10:00am SLT – Countdown Fashion Show
12:00pm SLT – Angel Dessous Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Xanadu Fashion Show
4:00pm SLT – PurpleMoon Fashion Show

December 12
12:00pm SLT – Tres Beau Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Solidea Folies Fashion Show

December 13
10:00am SLT – MEB Fashion Show
2:00pm SLT – Azoury Fashion Show

December 14
12:00pm SLT – Winter Fashion Week Closing Event

Be sure to mark your calendars early for this incredible week of events! It is not to be missed!
For more information, please contact: Federica Galtier, Blackliquid Tokyoska, Salvo Waydelich or Leandra Breen.

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Elegancia is growing and is in a position where we need to grow our blog’s presence in the SL fashion world.  We have a HUGE Winter Fashion Weekend Planned with Passions and Kabuki and the blog will be a huge part of the PR for this event.

We also have a new SIM and a Performing Arts Troupe that will be having a celebration and we will depend on our bloggers to get the word out!!

Elegancia is looking for dedicated bloggers…  we need bloggers that can commit to post at least 1 to 2 times a week..

If you have the time and can make the commitment please contact Blossoms Sweetwater or CottonCandy Teardrop for further information..

Thank you.

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Welcome to the Elegancia Spooktacular, if you dare. Come be amazed, startled, and scintilated by
the divinely naughty creatons of Neurolab and Leezu!!

We promise, you will be amazed!

Some items will be in mesh, so please have a mesh acceptable viewer to peruse the wares properly!

Wicca Merlin
Aphrodite Brianna
Natzuka Miliandrovic
Irina Strazytski
Hikaru Enimo
Salvo Waydelich


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